I read this before: one mark of intelligent mind is how they change their opinion based on newly available data. So yeah, recently i've been trying to be at ease with changing opinion.

I had some experience with this lately: I used to be not really think much about how i look. Decent is okay. I'm fine with the way i look, and focus on comfort as in Sketcher is fine; things are comfortable. Then one data point change: I bought good looking sneaker and it actually feels nice to look this good? Aand it snowballs from there 😅

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a lot of times 😂😂!

2019 me would not expect Via to explore the ui ux world right now. When I was introduced to ui ux, I was reluctant to learn the ux part bc all i wanna do is visual design and making creative works ~ (i am still interested on it btw).

But somehow I changed... and when I re-learned ui ux, the ux part became the hook for me to delve the field deeper. Lol.

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